Beyonce and Jay-Z Hit the Golden Globes With Style


Another glamor pair at the Golden Globes was Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z who were among the stars posing and waving on the red carpet on Sunday night (January 11) at the Beverly Wilshire held ceremony. In Celebrity news news, Beyonce recently made a donation of $4 million to a drug treatment center where she trained for her role.

Her incredibly generous gesture to Phoenix House comes as no big surprise to those close to her. Without fanfare or publicity of any kind she has quietly given away millions to causes that move her. I don’t think she’s ever before given away such a large amount to one organization but she clearly believes that many people, possibly thousands, would die without their help. We’re talking about people here who can’t afford $20,000-plus a week to check themselves into Promises in Malibu or the Betty Ford Clinic. These people are hand-to-mouth street junkies and without groups like Phoenix they wouldn’t stand a chance of recovery. Beyonce has acted, like she always does, from the heart and if she’s helped save even one life over Christmas she’ll consider every last cent well spent.
- a source told Britain’s The Daily Star -

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  1. it’s nice to know how to share your wealth specially when you have more than enough like her, good for Beyonce.

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